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About JAN Trust

JAN Trust ( is a multi award winning not for profit organisation formed in the late 1980′s. We are based in London and cater for women and youth from disadvantaged and marginalised communities. Our work and services are delivered locally, nationally and internationally. Our aim is to create positive and active citizens of society by educating, empowering and encouraging women and youth. We are dedicated to the cause of combating poverty, discrimination, abuse and social exclusion among Black, Asian, minority ethnic, refugee and asylum seeking (BAMER) women. JAN Trust is making a real difference in improving the lives of communities; promoting human and women's rights as well as community cohesion. We provide a range of services and our work has been recognised by a variety of dignitaries. Check out our website for statements from some of our supporters:

JAN Trust founder Rafaat Mughal Wins Local Legends Award at the National Lottery Awards 2019

Huge congratulations to JAN Trust Founder Rafaat Mughal OBE for being awarded the Local Legends Award for London! It is incredibly fitting in the year JAN Trusts celebrates its 30thanniversary that the founder of the charity has been awarded the National Lottery Local Legends Award – a true testament to all she has done for the local community … Continue reading

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Women in the far right: A network of toxic femininity

The world is accustomed to overlooking the power of women. However women are a powerful force in any movement – for instance, the Women’s March in January 2017 was an incredible display of what women can do together, fighting for … Continue reading

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Netherlands partial ban on the burqa/niqab – the first step to an Islamophobic government?

1st August 2019 saw the first partial ban on the burqa and niqab come into effect in the Netherlands. This was placed upon all women who wear the niqab or burqa, which includes prohibiting women from wearing clothing that covers … Continue reading

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Period Poverty: It’s Not Over Yet

Thousands of children across the UK miss school, avoid social situations, or are unable to leave the house at all when they can’t afford period products. Meanwhile, with homelessness on the rise, those below the poverty line are being denied … Continue reading

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Islamophobia in schools: Children are Experiencing Hate Crime Too

Muslim parents often feel they may be putting their children at risk of hate crime simply by sending them to school. This worrying trend affects children regularly and must be tackled. The issue of bullying in schools is widely understood … Continue reading

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Knife crime solutions in the UK – what should the government do?

Will statutory responsibility placed on schools and the NHS improve rates of knife crime in the UK? JAN Trust welcomes attention regarding this issue but with the education and healthcare systems already under strain, it is unclear if more pressure … Continue reading

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The war on women: The rise of ‘Smart Abuse’

Since the emergence and evolution of smart home technology many women are finding themselves fighting an invisible war in their own homes. What exactly is Smart abuse? Well, smart abuse is defined as technology facilitated harassment, for example, the Telegraph … Continue reading

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The El Paso Shooting was a shocking terrorist attack – what should the US do to stop white supremacy?

Considered to be one of the nation’s safest cities, Texas has been in mourning over the recent mass shooting when a gunman opened fire in the heart of one of the most popular shopping areas. This shocking incident was a … Continue reading

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30 Years in the Community: Building a Relationship

JAN Trust has been around since 1989 and that means we’ve been able to build trust with local women, allowing us to tackle some of the most difficult and sensitive issues in society. 30 years ago, our founder Rafaat Mughal … Continue reading

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The effect of Brexit on women in the UK

Brexit is on everyone’s lips, but are women’s rights being forgotten? The uncertainty surrounding Brexit negotiations is increasingly worrying to those most vulnerable to its effects. For us at JAN Trust, our concern is for the safety and protection of … Continue reading

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