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Black Lives Matter, so it is time to talk about colourism.

The recent murder of George Floyd has raised many questions about the role of celebrities and companies with regards to social justice. Colourism is the ‘preferential treatment of lighter-skinned individuals compared with their darker-skinned counterparts’. Whilst people of colour will … Continue reading

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How do we stop marginalised communities being seen as the ‘other’?

How do we overcome divisions and perpetuated marginalisation? Marginalised communities (including, but not restricted to, BAMER communities) are often seen as the ‘other’. Individuals are seen as fundamentally separate from the mainstream or majority of society. Reasons for this vary, … Continue reading

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COVID-19 and the Privilege of Productivity

Remote work does not look the same for everyone. The ability to focus is tied to societal privilege on a larger scale. Working from home – a blessing and a curse These past two months, many non-essential workers have had … Continue reading

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Loneliness Awareness Week: the struggles of the isolated and marginalised

On Loneliness Awareness Week, let’s remember the challenges of those for whom this is more than just a campaign. This week (15th-19th June) is Loneliness Awareness Week, with a focus on increasing the conversation surrounding loneliness. Participate in this discussion … Continue reading

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Who is falling through the cracks? What COVID-19 is teaching us about BAME communities in the UK

We know that in times of crisis be it environmental, health or otherwise, the most marginalised and poorest people in our society suffer the most. People fall through the cracks. This is the case not only during the crisis, but … Continue reading

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How Individual Governments’ Handling of COVID-19 has Led to a Spike in Hate Crimes and Speech.

Now, more than ever the residents of every country are giving their trust up to their government and looking to them for guidance and answers. However, these uncertain times also allow governments to target marginalised communities as scapegoats. This discriminatory … Continue reading

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Why BAME communities are More Likely to be Affected by Coronavirus

In recent weeks, we have seen a rise in coronavirus casualties within Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities. The Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre reported that 35% of almost 2,000 patients were non-white. This is a troubling statistic, … Continue reading

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Coronavirus, community and Ramadan

Celebrating Ramadan during social distancing can feel odd, yet the communal aspects of it need not to be forgotten. There are many ways to safely keep in touch with your community during Ramadan to avoid feelings of loneliness. The current … Continue reading

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The Dangers of COVID-19 to our Youth through the Internet

We live in an extremely fortunate age where even when isolated from our friends and loved ones, we are still able to connect over the internet. However, several groups and radical extremists are using this tool of connection to their … Continue reading

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The Windrush scandal is proof that institutional racism still prevails

On the 25th anniversary of the Stephen Lawrence murder, the Windrush scandal shows that institutional racism across UK organisation is still prevalent, in text book form. The murder of Stephen Lawrence has changed the legal landscape of the UK forever. … Continue reading

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