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Austerity cuts linked to rising youth knife crime

Current focus on addressing knife crime fails to address its root causes – a more complex, grassroots approach is needed London has been facing a surge in knife crime recently, with shocking statistics revealing that between 2017 and 2018, a … Continue reading

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The UK’s violent crime epidemic hits BAME communities hardest

The rates of violent crime in UK are on the rise, with knife crime rising by 20%, gun crime rising by 21% and London’s murder rate overtaking New York’s. However, it is marginalised members of BAME communities who are most … Continue reading

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The effects of child poverty and social exclusion in the UK

It is well known that young people growing up in poorer families leave school with substantially lower levels of educational attainment. Such ‘achievement gaps’ are a major contributing factor towards patterns of social mobility. Compared to children from privileged backgrounds, … Continue reading

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