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End of compassion in immigration policy

The new immigration bill, ending free movement within the EU, may be intended create a ‘high-skill’ economy, but comes at a high cost for the British society. On Monday 18th of May, the House of Commons accepted the proposed new … Continue reading

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Who is falling through the cracks? What COVID-19 is teaching us about BAME communities in the UK

We know that in times of crisis be it environmental, health or otherwise, the most marginalised and poorest people in our society suffer the most. People fall through the cracks. This is the case not only during the crisis, but … Continue reading

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Gender Differences in Radicalisation

In 2014 when ISIS declared its caliphate thousands of women around the world migrated to join debunking the myth that woman did not participate in violent extremism. In fact figures show that with the proclamation of the Caliphate, the number … Continue reading

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Death Threats and Discrimination: The life of a Muslim Politician

Islamophobia is increasingly rife in the UK and many other parts of the world. For those Muslims in the public eye, threats and hate can be a constant concern. At JAN Trust, unfortunately we hear stories of Islamophobia all the … Continue reading

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Islamophobia in schools: Children are Experiencing Hate Crime Too

Muslim parents often feel they may be putting their children at risk of hate crime simply by sending them to school. This worrying trend affects children regularly and must be tackled. The issue of bullying in schools is widely understood … Continue reading

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The effect of Brexit on women in the UK

Brexit is on everyone’s lips, but are women’s rights being forgotten? The uncertainty surrounding Brexit negotiations is increasingly worrying to those most vulnerable to its effects. For us at JAN Trust, our concern is for the safety and protection of … Continue reading

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Reacting to rising online harms – what should be done?

Hate crimes happening online and being broadcast on social media is an increasing phenomenon, showing a dark side to the internet that should not be left to grow unchecked. The internet and social media have been great resources in our … Continue reading

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Why is there an increased risk of maternal death among BAME women?

The risk of death or complications for BAME women in pregnancy and childbirth is much higher than for white women in the UK. But what are the reasons behind the problem? For UK-born Asian women, maternity mortality rates are one … Continue reading

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Comment sections are hotbeds for Islamophobia – Here’s proof.

Earlier this month, our CEO Sajda Mughal OBE wrote a piece for the Independent about the rise of the Far-right and Islamophobia in the UK. The article shed light on the fact that many politicians, institutions and news outlets have … Continue reading

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Racist and Religious Hate Crimes on the Rise in London – will this worrying trend end?

Islamophobic hate crimes in March were the highest they’ve been in a year, following shootings in two Christchurch mosques.   The news of the horrific shootings in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on 15th March in which fifty people … Continue reading

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