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On International Women’s Day we must continue to #pressforprogress against FGM, forced marriage and sexual harassment

It has been an amazing journey for female empowerment, many obstacles have been tackled we are here to continue fighting! The 8th of March has become a significant date for many women. During the Russian Revolution 1922, protests broke out … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence: “Why does she not just leave him?”

Have you ever wondered “why doesn’t she leave him?” Domestic violence is indiscriminate and can affect anyone of any race and class. The Crime Survey of England and Wales (CSEW) states 1.2 million women aged 15-59 have experienced domestic violence … Continue reading

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Traumas of Forced Marriage

 ‘Muslim model, 24, is found hanged after fearing she was going to be forced into arranged marriage by her parents’  ‘The Hasidic woman … [who] killed herself suffered years of depression following her forced marriage to a first cousin’ These … Continue reading

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JAN Trust’s vital work

The summer period is always a time for evaluation at JAN Trust. It is indeed at this time of the year that we look back to our successful programmes and, at the same time, we plan new activities for the … Continue reading

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Ending Forced Marriage: One Step Closer

This month marked an important milestone for the global campaign against forced marriage. On Thursday 2nd July the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution promoted by more than 85 countries, calling for an end of child, early and … Continue reading

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The Government must act NOW, by Sabbir Malik

A number of grassroots organisations campaigning to eliminate violence against women and girls such as JAN Trust voiced concerns at the Government’s approach to criminalise forced marriages. JAN Trust is at the forefront of raising awareness and undertaking advocacy work … Continue reading

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New forced marriage legislation is not the answer

Forcing someone to marry is now illegal in England and Wales leaving perpetrators who coerce victims into marriage facing up to 7 years in prison.  Although David Cameron argues that ‘forced marriage is abhorrent and little more than slavery… to … Continue reading

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ITV Exposure: Forced To Marry – an exercise in Islamophobia

Early last month, ITV aired an episode called ‘Forced to Marry’ as part of their TV series called ‘Exposure’.  The episode followed two undercover reporters as they approached 56 masjid (mosques) in the UK asking whether they would agree to … Continue reading

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The ‘Spoon Trick’ – how sound is the latest forced marriage advice?

The British government recently warned local authorities and front line staff – including those at airports – to be aware of the increased risk of forced marriage during the summer holidays. Summer holidays are a prime time for British girls … Continue reading

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The Essential Distinction Between an ‘Arranged’ and a ‘Forced’ Marriage

They might have a slight difference but essentially, aren’t they the same thing? The answer is a resounding “NO”. ‘Forced’ and ‘Arranged’ marriages are two entirely different practices and should be treated as such. The terms are often used interchangeably … Continue reading

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