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London is a diverse city – we cannot let a terrorist attack stir up hatred and fear

    Yesterday, in shocking and tragic scenes broadcast across the world, London suffered its first terrorist attack for over a decade. The British capital had not seen similar tragedy since the 7/7 bombings which claimed 52 lives and injured … Continue reading

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The forgotten women: Muslim women, misogyny and Islamophobia

In recent weeks, there have been a spate of attacks targeting Muslim women both in the UK and abroad. Last week, a man was arrested for kicking a pregnant Muslim woman who it was reported on Tuesday lost her baby … Continue reading

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Uniting against hate

On Sunday, the worst mass shooting in modern America history took place at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida when 50 innocent people were killed by a man driven by nothing but hate. The Internet has been overflowing with articles about … Continue reading

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The challenge of institutional racism

Over a fortnight ago, an article was published in the Evening Standard titled ‘Nearly half of black and ethnic minority Londoners have faced racist abuse.’ If this statistic surprised anyone, it shouldn’t have. Yes, we have made progress in the … Continue reading

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Faith under attack

Towards the end of 2015, the Home Office published hate crime figures for England and Wales. The total number of hate crimes recorded by the police was 52,528, a significant increase on the previous year. Of these, 82% were racially … Continue reading

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The threat is real: The rise of far-right extremism

A recent report titled ‘State of Hate’ published by advocacy organisation Hope not Hate revealed that far-right extremism is on the rise and urged the Government to address the changing nature of far-right organisations towards increased violence. Hope not Hate … Continue reading

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Misrepresentation of Muslims in the media

Following a complaint to the press regulation body IPSO, the Mail on Sunday has finally apologised for their inflammatory headline and article on “Muslim gang slashes tyres of immigration-raid van”. This article is one of a large number of occurrences, … Continue reading

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Online Hate and the See It Report It initiative

The recent tragic burning alive of 26 year old Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasesbeh sent shockwaves around the globe.  The video, released by ISIS on the 3rd of February 2015, depicts one of the terrorist group’s most barbaric and heinous crimes … Continue reading

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Don’t Tolerate Hate

You are getting of the bus, and as you are leaving the bus another passenger proclaims at the top of his voice ‘this is my f****ing country, I can do what I want’. Like me, at first you may be … Continue reading

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Islamophobic Hate Crimes in Britain

Through our work at JAN Trust we have dealt with many Muslim women over the twenty years who have suffered from Islamophobia. It has included verbal and physical abuse, their children being bullied and damage to their property. The portrayal … Continue reading

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