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30 Years in the Community: Building a Relationship

JAN Trust has been around since 1989 and that means we’ve been able to build trust with local women, allowing us to tackle some of the most difficult and sensitive issues in society. 30 years ago, our founder Rafaat Mughal … Continue reading

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On Internet Safety Day – let’s commit to defending our families

It’s Internet Safety Day today and I can’t stress just how important it is for parents to be aware of what their kids are looking at online. All teenagers crave their personal space and so we have to approach this … Continue reading

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Are social media companies doing enough to combat Internet extremism?

Earlier this month, the Home Affairs Committee as part of its ongoing inquiry into countering extremism online met with representatives from social media organisations, Google, Facebook and Twitter and counter-terrorism groups. The aim of the meeting was to find out … Continue reading

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