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The hidden burden of economic cuts – a feminist perspective on austerity programmes

The UK has been going through some years of continuous economic cuts. Since the 2010 campaign of budget cutting by the current government, a wave of austerity has spread through the country, with continuous reductions in social welfare programmes, especially … Continue reading

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Hate crime under review – why misandry should not be included under the hate crime legislation

‘Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.’  – Margaret Atwood Last month, a campaign was started to include misogyny, that is, prejudice against women, as a form of hate crime. … Continue reading

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Grenfell Tower: for how long will we ignore society’s most vulnerable?

In our society, it seems that some lives matter more than others. Vulnerable and disadvantaged people who have merely been born in the wrong place or situation suffer for circumstances they cannot control. When will we stop ignoring the parts … Continue reading

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On Internet Safety Day – let’s commit to defending our families

It’s Internet Safety Day today and I can’t stress just how important it is for parents to be aware of what their kids are looking at online. All teenagers crave their personal space and so we have to approach this … Continue reading

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