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End of compassion in immigration policy

The new immigration bill, ending free movement within the EU, may be intended create a ‘high-skill’ economy, but comes at a high cost for the British society. On Monday 18th of May, the House of Commons accepted the proposed new … Continue reading

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Hope for the Hopeless: The Lasting Effects of Forced Marriage

Stripped of hope and choice the lasting impact of forced marriages shreds the mind and body of its victims, creating a gradient effect onto their offspring. Sexually transmitted diseases, violence (both physical and sexual), psychological torment, loss of freedom, and … Continue reading

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Representation and responsibility: Film and TV writers need to acknowledge their influence and use it wisely

  Not all film and television writers claim to be trying to alleviate social injustice with their stories or use their creativity as a catalyst for social change. Some may write personal stories, or stories that are completely fictitious or … Continue reading

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Brushed under the carpet – Depression in the South Asian Community

The statistics by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) 2017 revealed that 1 in 4 of the UK population will experience depression.  Many South Asian communities regard depression as taboo, something that is brushed under the carpet. It is often … Continue reading

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Women and Mental Health Services

Mental health refers to our psychological state and it affects the way we think, feel and behave – it is therefore extremely valuable.  Our mental health is always changing and there are times when we all can feel down or … Continue reading

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British Asian Women at increased risk of self-harm

Britain is a multicultural society with nearly 6.4 million people being of ethnic minority communities. Mental health is an area of particular concern for the minority communities in this country. For years, the differences between black and minority ethnic groups … Continue reading

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