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The difference between Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents

It’s National Hate Crime Awareness Week this week, and we have been continuing our work raising awareness and educating people about hate crime. In light of new Home Office statistics showing that hate crime is still rising dramatically, it is … Continue reading

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An Inhuman Attack: The Crisis of Rohingya Women

The Rohingya Muslims are a minority community within Myanmar who have long been persecuted through the denial of citizenship and basic human rights. In recent months, Myanmar’s military have increased the intensity of their ‘clearance operations’, resulting in hundreds of … Continue reading

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Grenfell Tower: for how long will we ignore society’s most vulnerable?

In our society, it seems that some lives matter more than others. Vulnerable and disadvantaged people who have merely been born in the wrong place or situation suffer for circumstances they cannot control. When will we stop ignoring the parts … Continue reading

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Why Trump’s Discrimination against Muslim American Women is Damaging for the World

In possibly the most shocking event of the twenty-first century, four-time bankrupted businessman and reality star Donald J. Trump has ridden to power on a wave of populism based on the exploitation of economic and social grievances of parts of … Continue reading

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Closing the borders is not the answer

The tragic attacks in Paris which killed 130 people have shocked and deeply saddened people around the world, millions of people on different social media platforms showed their support for the victims of the attack through changing their profile pictures … Continue reading

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“No one puts their children in a boat….”

In the recent weeks the world’s newspapers have been dominated by the refugee crisis. But nothing was quite as heartbreaking as the photo which showed the lifeless body of three year-old Aylan Kurdi, a Syrian child who fled the civil … Continue reading

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