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Who is falling through the cracks? What COVID-19 is teaching us about BAME communities in the UK

We know that in times of crisis be it environmental, health or otherwise, the most marginalised and poorest people in our society suffer the most. People fall through the cracks. This is the case not only during the crisis, but … Continue reading

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Kindness

Why we should focus on kindness beyond this week. The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 is kindness. Kindness is a concept that everyone knows, but it is often hard to remember to be kind and why it is … Continue reading

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Why BAME communities are More Likely to be Affected by Coronavirus

In recent weeks, we have seen a rise in coronavirus casualties within Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities. The Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre reported that 35% of almost 2,000 patients were non-white. This is a troubling statistic, … Continue reading

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The Dangers of COVID-19 to our Youth through the Internet

We live in an extremely fortunate age where even when isolated from our friends and loved ones, we are still able to connect over the internet. However, several groups and radical extremists are using this tool of connection to their … Continue reading

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The Windrush scandal is proof that institutional racism still prevails

On the 25th anniversary of the Stephen Lawrence murder, the Windrush scandal shows that institutional racism across UK organisation is still prevalent, in text book form. The murder of Stephen Lawrence has changed the legal landscape of the UK forever. … Continue reading

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ISIS Returnees – shall we let them back into Britain?

Earlier this month British government minister Rory Stewart, argued that the only way to deal with British Isis fighters is too kill them. According to the Independent Stewart told the BBC that, “They are absolutely dedicated, as members of the Islamic State, … Continue reading

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Muslim students: Facing challenges before and during university

In 2009, 3 students were stabbed exiting City University in London. Why? Because they were Muslim. A few days before, at the same university, a student’s skull was cracked open in an attack that took place because they were on … Continue reading

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Why the Covid-19 crisis is increasing the risk of domestic abuse for thousands worldwide

Source: Irene Lee Staying inside for long periods of time and sharing space with others is difficult at the best of times, families, partners and siblings can’t always get along but at time of such anxiety it can be particularly … Continue reading

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Inter-generational living and the problems it raises in the coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus, the current pandemic has overcome the world and nation in a matter of weeks. We’re all being advised to stay home in order to protect the elderly and vulnerable but what about those households who live with their elderly … Continue reading

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Hope for the Hopeless: The Lasting Effects of Forced Marriage

Stripped of hope and choice the lasting impact of forced marriages shreds the mind and body of its victims, creating a gradient effect onto their offspring. Sexually transmitted diseases, violence (both physical and sexual), psychological torment, loss of freedom, and … Continue reading

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